Why Water Is Essential To Health in Kailua-Kona HI

Why Water Is Essential To Health in Kailua-Kona

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Approximately 60 percent of your body is comprised of water. Each and every system relies on good old H2O to function properly, yet many people shun the purity of water in Kailua-Kona and instead reach for sugary sodas or artificially sweetened beverages. And while these drinks may quench your thirst, they do little to keep you hydrated. Here are four reasons why water is essential to your health in Kailua-Kona.

Maintaining Homeostasis in Kailua-Kona HI

In order for things to run smoothly, your body relies on water both from the beverages you drink and also the food you eat. Nutrients are transported throughout the various systems via water while harmful toxins are quickly eliminated via these same channels. Your body attempts to maintain a necessary hydration balance and will excrete excess water via the kidneys. When you're not properly hydrated, the kidneys can't work properly to excrete the toxins you've either consumed to been exposed to. A buildup of these toxins can lead to various health conditions including kidney stones.

Aiding In Digestion

Similar to how the kidneys rely on water to remove toxins via urination, the digestive system requires a hefty dose to aid in bowel movements. When you don't drink enough, the digestive system has a much harder time producing and moving stools. The result is constipation or hard and painful bowel movements leaving the body no way to eliminate its toxins. Therefore, these toxins accumulate in your body.  Over time, this can lead to various digestive disorders and sickness

Offering an Energy Boost

Forget energy drinks, often times the reason you suffer from the mid-day fatigue is due to dehydration. As your systems lack the fuel to function properly, they begin to conserve energy and you begin to grow tired. For athletes, hydration is extremely important to keep the muscles performing their best. When muscle cells aren't properly hydrated they begin to shrink-  resulting in sub-par performance. Avoid reaching for a caffeine jolt to revitalize you as these can strain the cardiovascular system. Instead grab a glass of pure water or add electrolytes if you are exercising heavily.

Keeping The Calorie Counts Low

Drinking water can be a dieter's best friend. Often times those hunger pangs you feel come mid-afternoon are nothing more than your body asking for a drink. Instead of heading toward the vending machine, reach for a glass of water. Not only will you begin to feel more clear-headed, but your hunger pains will subside and you'll have saved yourself from a calorie catastrophe.

When reaching for a drink ask yourself these questions:

Would you ever "water" your plants with soda? Of course not, Soda would poison them and they would die -quickly!  Our bodies are very good at adapting to stresses and poisons, but over time they break down just like anything else.

Would you wash the outside of your body in a sugary sports drink? Of course not, you'd be left feeling sticky and disgusting.  So why do we wash the inside of our bodies with them?

Would you give your 3 year old daughter an energy drink if she were felling tired? Of course not, you would have her rest or check to make sure she is feeling okay and help her take the necessary steps to feel better again.  Why do we not allow ourselves these same courtesies?

Why do we continue to treat ourselves in ways we would not even treat our houseplants?  Any ideas? We would love to hear about them in the comment section!


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