Top 3 Dangers of GMO Foods in Kailua-Kona HI

Top 3 Dangers of GMO Foods in Kailua-Kona

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Genetically modified foods are everywhere in Kailua-Kona these days. Chances are unless you're specifically buying a 100 percent organic product, you're getting a healthy dose of GMOs. Why should you be concerned? Well aside from the fact that the FDA doesn't require any safety testing or regulation of these products, which in and of itself should be a major red flag, there are three main reasons why you should avoid GMO foods altogether.

1. GMOs Cause Allergies in Kailua-Kona HI

It's hard to fool the human body. When our bodies sense a foreign presence, they do everything they can to fight it. So when we eat GMOs with altered DNA, our immune systems go into overdrive and all of a sudden we are allergic to foods we never were before. For example, when genetically modified soy was introduced in the UK, soy allergies increased over 50 percent. And workers handling genetically modified cotton experienced overwhelming allergic reactions to cotton modified with a strain of Bt-toxin. The natural version very rarely causes a reaction, yet the altered DNA was unrecognizable and hence promptly considered toxic.

2. GMOs Harm the Environment

Many Genetically modified crops can withstand ultra-high doses of dangerous pesticides. For example, Monsanto's "RoundUp Ready" crops are designed to withstand multiple applications of Roundup. Between 1996 and 2008 an extra 383 million pounds of the pesticide was sprayed on genetically modified crops. Not only are consumers directly ingesting the pesticide every time they eat from the "Roundup Ready" crops, but these extra pesticides wash into our water supply and contaminate surrounding areas. What's the main problem with Roundup? It's been linked to sterility, birth defects, hormone disruption and cancer.

3. GMOs Long-Term Effects are Unknown

The FDA requires no safety testing or regulation on GMOs. A simple "research study" provided by the producers of the genetically modified products suffices. These same studies also once claimed Agent Orange, PCBs and DDT were all safe as well. In fact, Monsanto requires no outside testing on any of the company's GMO products. Yet multiple independent studies have linked GMOs to a laundry list of health problems ranging from everything from liver problems to cancer. But these scientists are often threatened to keep quiet or promptly dismissed before their research can be published. And the long-term effects are still yet to be seen.

It's important to remember that business is business. Most companies are in it for the money and unfortunately, the food industry is no different. Their biggest concern is not peoples' health it's simply the bottom line. Eating healthy is not longer as simple as eating fresh fruits and vegetables because not only has their DNA been altered, not only have they been sprayed with unbelievable amounts of cancer causing chemicals, the government does not require companies to label GMO foods.

When it comes to health, ignorance is not bliss! We must educate ourselves and fight for our health. In the case of GMO food we should buy organic whenever possible. Even better is growing our own food. At the very least, we should be supporting and donating to organizations who fight for GMO labeling and to put a stop to GMO crops.

For a list of companies who support a consumers right to know if their food has been genetically modified as well as a list of companies who are fighting to suppress this information.

Trust me…some of these will be very surprising!


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