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Chiropractic Kailua-Kona HI Woman And Doctor Looking At Spine Model FAQ

How long has Malama Chiropractic Clinic been in practice?

Malama Chiropractic Clinic in Kailua-Kona HI was originally started in 1983 by Dr. Rhody Edwards. Dr. Broderson and Dr. Hogan took over in 2003 when Dr. Edward retired.

How long do chiropractors go to school?

Chiropractors are required to attend 4 years of undergraduate college before attending chiropractic school. Chiropractic school is another 31/2- 4 years followed by a series of national board exams and state level exams.

What if I was hurt at work? Can I receive Chiropractic care?

Absolutely, and It's proven to get you out of pain quicker and back to work faster then if you don't use it. In the state of Hawaii, Chiropractors can be the primary treating physician on any work comp case. If you already have a treating physician, they can refer you to Malama Chiropractic Clinic for treatments.

What if I was in a car accident? What is my insurance coverage in this case?

If you have insurance coverage in the state of Hawaii you are covered for 30 chiropractic treatments after being injured in an auto accident. Call the office for more information.

What will my first visit in your office be like?

On your first visit to our office you will have to fill out some basic paperwork before you will see the doctor. Then the Doctor will take you back into an examination room. The doctor will ask a lot of questions about your health conditions in order to figure out what may be the cause. Next the doctor will perform all relevant range of motion, orthopedic or neurological tests that will help determine the cause of your problems. Following the examination, x-rays will be taken of your spine if the doctor feels that this is necessary to diagnose your condition properly. In most cases, treatment is performed on the first visit.

Do you take x-rays?

If your case requires an x-ray evaluation, we will take films at your first appointment.

Does my insurance cover chiropractic treatment?

Most major medical plans have some chiropractic coverage. It all depends on your policy. We will verify your benefits on or before your first visit to our office.

How do I know if I need chiropractic?

We will evaluate you very thoroughly on your first appointment to make sure you are a good candidate for chiropractic care.

What is that cracking sound that I hear when I get adjusted?

The cracking sound or a cavitation of a joint is the exact same process that occurs when you crack your knuckles. It is nitrogen gas that is coming out of solution in the joint fluid into a gas phase. This phase change releases energy in the form of noise or a cracking sound. This cracking sound is completely harmless.

What conditions can be helped by chiropractic?

In our office we only treat the spine but many different conditions may benefit from this type of treatment they include: Neck pain, headaches, back pain, numbness and tingling, hip pain, sciatica, jaw pain and teeth grinding, sinus conditions, digestive conditions, fatigue, sleep disorders, migraines, carpal tunnel, fibromyalgia, and others.

What is chiropractic?

Chiropractic is a manual healing treatment that is designed to realign the spine in order to remove tension and pressure on the joints and nerves of the spine. The expected result of this treatment is an increased level of overall health and decreased pain.

Aren't Chiropractors just back doctors?

Because chiropractors work mostly with the spine, (because that's where the nervous system is), it has created the perception that chiropractors are just "back doctors". Although this is not entirely incorrect, it is very much incomplete. Chiropractors are also trained in working with injuries of the extremities, (shoulder, hip and knee problems for example), as well as muscle, disc and ligament injuries. At Malama Chiropractic Clinic we are also valuable resources for nutritional counseling, work-place safety, injury prevention and postural correction

Is Chiropractic safe?

Records from insurance companies and court cases have constantly shown that chiropractic is one of the safest forms of health care available today. Although no health care procedure is 100% risk free, chiropractic stands on its record of safety and effectiveness unmatched in medicine.

Can Kids benefit from chiropractic care?

Absolutely kids can benefit from chiropractic care! If an infant or child has an abnormal position of their spine, symptoms are usually present. Commonly seen symptoms with infants which improve under chiropractic care include colic, ear infections and colds. Older kids tend to express symptoms the same way adults would. Headaches, neck pain, low back pain and bad posture are some warning signs that a child should have a chiropractic evaluation.

What do Chiropractors do?

Chiropractic care is a non invasive approach to health care. Primarily addressing pain disorders, the doctors at Malama Chiropractic Clinic utilize gentle manipulations of the spine and scientifically proven spinal rehab techniques to address the cause of your pain.

Is Chiropractic care for me?

It must be determined if you are a candidate for care. Pain is a good start, as it is an indicator that something underlying is going on. At Malama Chiropractic Clinic, the doctors will perform a detailed orthopedic and neurological exam, a spinal alignment check, an examination for restricted or excess motion in the spine, along with X-Rays if they are needed. This will allow them to determine if the cause of your pain has been identified and a treatment plan can be decided on.

Is it true that once you go to a Chiropractor you can't stop?

Although this is a common belief, the doctors at Malama Chiropractic Clinic hold a different view. Once the cause of your symptoms has been identified, the doctors will put together a recommended treatment schedule based on your specific need. Progression of this treatment plan will be monitored with reevaluations and any necessary changes or referrals will be made. Bottom line, there is a goal with care and that is to fix the problem and release you back to the activities you need to do and enjoy. . There is no physical addiction that makes you have to keep getting treatments. However, when you feel the difference having an aligned spine makes, chances are you will choose to maintain those results!


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